Monday, 26 March 2012


Poverty is increasingly urban, and among the urban poor are some of the most disadvantaged in society: people who live in slums, migrants and displaced people, and street children. Urban poverty in developing countries is rising on aid and research agendas, but there is still an information crisis when it comes to the barriers to education for these groups.

As part of my fellowship (research proposal) at the Unicef Innocenti Research Centre, I will be posting to this blog regularly (time permitting). The plan is a combination of survey data analysis and some new qualitative fieldwork. I want to see what existing household surveys can tell us about education amongst the urban poor, and to try and explore whether they are even covering slum households. The new fieldwork, in Bangladesh during April-June 2012, will explore ways that children living in slums are helped or hindered within schools by their relationships with teachers and other students.

The aim is for this to be both a research resource and a place for news and debate on urban poverty and education. I would welcome collaboration – please contact me if you're interested in posting.

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  1. i think education is the main key to reduce poverty scale in urban, there is no way to reduce the poverty, for that in urban every one need to give special attention to education specially.